Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MDC?

MDC is a blockchain-based token minted for specific usage on the Mondcoin platform. It is based on the Ethereum protocol (ERC20 standard), and will be used as the designated currency within the Mondcoin economy.


What are key details and dates about Mondcoin?

Token Name: MDC (ERC20, Ethereum-based)

Token Supply: 120,000,000 tokens generated by smart contract

Smallest Unit: 18 decimal places

Currency Accepted: ETH and BTC

Managed by: Mondcoin Global (An Iceland incorporation)

Pre-Sale: 15 October to 30 November 2018

Crowdsale Date: 1 December 2018 to 26 January 2019

Sub-token MCM: Mondcoin Mega (MCM) is pegged 1 MCM to 1 USD, and will be used as in- game currency and for game-related transactions. MDC will be easily exchangeable to MCM at prevailing exchange rate on Mondcoin Marketplace.

Crowdsale Rate: 1 ETH to 800 MDC

Pre-sale Incentive: 30% bonus, i.e. 1 ETH to 1040 MDC (subject to purchase value of minimum 5 ETH)

Crowdsale Early Incentives: First 24 hours – 25% bonus Subsequent 48 hours – 15% bonus

Maximum Proceeds: Target to raise up to 80,000 ETH but the Mondcoin Team may consider an oversubscription of up to 90,000 ETH


Can you tell me more about Liquidity and Tax Risk?

MDC Tokens may not be freely convertible into fiat currency and may be subject to fluctuations in value. The value of the MDC Tokens may decline substantially after purchase. Purchasers of the MDC Tokens may not be able to sell or otherwise dispose of their MDC Tokens. Purchasers of the MDC Tokens that have gains from onwards sale of MDC Tokens may be subject to tax in the jurisdiction in which they are domiciled or residing.


How can i be part of Mondcoin?

You can invest and get some of our amazing MDC tokens. Just click on join tokensale and follow all the steps to buy MDC tokens.


Can I buy MDC tokens with Cryptocurrencies?

Yes, in our dashboard you will be able to buy tokens with crypto-coins such as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC).


What is MDC's backing?

MDC is backed by Roged & Berger Games. (AEX: RNB). Roged & Berger will make its 120 games and over 220 million gamers available to the Mondcoin platform from Day 1 of the Mondcoin Marketplace. We believe that Mondcoin will disrupt the playing field, acting as a means to connect and grow the video-games industry in a manner that is equitable for all parties.


What is MDC’s Usage?

Usage within the Mondcoin platform. All activities on the Mondcoin platform will be facilitated through the use of MDC. The token can be bought and sold on the cryptographic token exchanges for usage within the Mondcoin platform, provided that users adhere to the specific laws of purchase in their respective places of residence. Given that there are existing regulations with regards to the circulation of securities in countries such as the United States of America, China and Japan (but not limited to the aforementioned countries), purchasers have the responsibility to check the respective legislation in their places of residence.

Tokens used for voting. MDC will be used as a nominal token for the internal voting mechanism implemented on the platform. Gamers will be able to vote for their desired games using MDC, a process which would lead to their eventual funding.

Tokens used as a form in-game currency. MDC will be easily exchangeable to subtoken Mondcoin Mega (MCM), which is pegged to US Dollar (1 MCM : 1 USD). MCM is used as a form of in-game currency to purchase services and products. MCM can also be used for trading between gamers for secondary market of in-game items for some games. Gamers can decide when they want to exchange MDC to MCM, or vice versa anytime on Mondcoin Marketplace.

Tokens used as rewards for participation of activities on the platform. MDC holders are eligible to receive rewards in the form of additional MDC, which can be exchanged for MCM, from the reward pool, for their active participation in the Mondcoin ecosystem. This is distributed from time to time at the Mondcoin Team’s discretion, as a form of incentive for supporters as the Mondcoin economy continues to grow through increased participation of all parties.


What's the nature of MDC Token?

The MDC Token is neither a share nor a debenture. Purchasers of MDC Tokens do not acquire any equity or security interest, in, or a debt owed by a corporate entity, and do not enjoy the rights normally associated with such securities.


What about legal risks?

Residents of certain jurisdictions may not be permitted to participate in the sale and purchase of crypto-currencies or digital tokens, and as such participation may be illegal in such jurisdictions. New or revised legislation, regulations, guidelines and directives may be introduced in the jurisdiction of the purchasers of the MDC Tokens or which may affect the Mondcoin Marketplace or other platforms in which the MDC Tokens are used.


How will gamers benefit?

Gamers will finally have a say in the entire game production process, with opportunities to participate from concept right until production. This will no doubt improve the quality of games that will eventually be produced, improving the eventual game experience for users.

More importantly, gamers are eligible to receive additional MDC as a reward for actions contributed to the Mondcoin Marketplace through actions like installing games, reviewing games, rating games and participating in game tournaments online.
MDC can also be converted into Mondcoin Mega (MCM) at a 10% discount to fiat. MCM serves as an In-Game currency that will create greater linkages across all parties using the Mondcoin platform. With MDC and MCM, gamers will be able to purchase in-game items in a safe and secure fashion.

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