Blockchain to standardize the functional applicability of video-games economy

A worldwide solution easily implemented across different platforms: online, PC, mobile and console gaming.

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Play your favorite games on Mondcoin blockchain. It doesn’t matter where you are or on which device you want to play. Mobile and Desktop are both supported.


Aren’t you tired of dull gaming creativity that has been on market for last few years? You can unleash your creativity with Mondcoin and create your own games.


Not only that you can play and create with Mondcoin, but you can also earn while having fun playing or creating games! Make your gaming profitable with us!

 Solution: Mondcoin, an Alternative Platform

Noting the significant limitations of the current funding options present in the video-games industry, a new blockchain-based platform is being introduced as an alternative to the current options.

This would be the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency ecosystem to be backed by a publicly traded company-Roged & Berger Games (AEX: RNB), a mobile game studio group publicly listed on the Euronext Amsterdam. It has already attracted the attention of the industry, and is currently backed by both game industry veterans and venture investment professionals.

How Mondcoin Blockchain Works

What is envisioned is that the new platform will fix what we see as fundamental problems within the industry. These problems, as mentioned in the earlier sections, refer to the difficulty of the layman in participating in the video-games economy, the lack of diversity caused by the presence of large oligopolistic market in the industry and the communication inefficiencies that exist between all gamers and game producers.

On the macro-level, Mondcoin seeks to connect what we see as a fragmented and disconnected value chain, envisioning a holistic platform which brings together developers, marketplaces, publishers, and gamers, in order to solve the problem of participation and information flow between these various players for the overall benefit of the industry.

Dynamics of the Mondcoin Platform

The initial coin offering will feature the minting of a new currency based on the Ethereum platform. This currency, or MDC, will be the centrepiece of all activities that are carried out on the Mondcoin platform. The dynamics and the process flow of activities carried out on the platform are summarized below


 MDC holders can receive rewards (in the form of MDC) for participating in activities in Mondcoin Marketplace such as installing games, reviewing games or participating in game tournaments online.



Mondcoin will issue MDC: A blockchain-based token that is the centrepiece of Mondcoin activities, to be used on the Mondcoin platform.



A panel of industry experts will curate Next-rated Gaming Enterprises (“NGE”) and submit video-game funding proposals to the Mondcoin platform.



MDC holders can vote on their favourite games, and if sufficient votes are received, the proposed video game will undergo a funding process.


Funding will be received in Ether, Bitcoin or fiat currency (on demand), which would be used by the video-game studios to develop and market their games. This funding will be provided by Mondcoin.


60% of the revenue share received by MONDCOIN in MDC will be purchased on exchanges and converted into BTC/ETH/fiat currency to fund new games. MONDCOIN has the right to balance the allocation of funds by using up to 40% of the revenue share for marketing and operational costs as well as for rewarding MDC holders.

Exchangeable to In-Game Sub-token

Upon launching of the Mondcoin Marketplace, MDC holders will be able to exchange MDC for sub-token called Mondcoin Mega or MCM which is pegged to US Dollar (1 MCM to 1 USD). MCM will be used for in-game credits and items. All the games on Mondcoin Marketplace will use MCM as an in-game currency. MDC holders receive a 10% discount when purchasing MCM using MDC.

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What MDC is Not

MDC tokens are not securities in any jurisdiction.


The White Paper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort, is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment, does not pertain in any way to an initial public offering or a share/equity offering, and does not pertain in any way to an offering of securities in any jurisdiction. The MDC tokens are not intended to be marketed, offered for sale, purchased, sold, or traded in any jurisdiction where they are prohibited by applicable laws or require further registration with any applicable governmental authorities.


MDC tokens are not a unit of a collective investment scheme


MDC is not a collective investment scheme and accordingly MDC does not represent a unit of a collective investment scheme. MDC holders are not entitled to any share of investment made by MONDCOIN.

MDC tokens do not represent a loan or debenture.


The MDC tokens are neither debt instrument nor bonds of any kind nor any other form of loan advanced to the Mondcoin Project. Acquisition of the MDC tokens, whether through the Token Sale or otherwise, does not grant to token holders any right of claim on the Mondcoin Project’s financial or any other assets.

MDC tokens are not a promise of future performance or value.


No promises of future performance or value are or will be made in respect to the MDC tokens, including no promise of inherent value, no promise of continuing payments, and no guarantee that the MDC tokens will hold any particular value.

Our Partners

Our partners are some of the biggest corporations in the world.


Amsterdam-based and Silicon Valley-backed digital payments company-Market valuation of €12 billion ($14 billion)-14th most valuable tech company in Europe


World’s largest supplier of photolithography systems for the semiconductor industry (machines to make chips) -Market valuation of €73 billion…

NXP Semiconductors

Market valuation of €40 billion.  – Over 30,000 employees in more than 30 countries – Revenue of $9.26 billion in 2017.


April 25

Mondcoin Pre-sale

September 28

Game Funding  Platform Launch

October 28

Mondcoin Payment Software Development Kit (Alpha) 

November 28

Mondcoin Marketplace Test: Feedback & community functions ready

January 28

Mondcoin Crowdsale

February 28

Mondcoin Marketplace Alpha: Pre-launch cycle ready

March 28

Marketplace Beta:  Launch cycle ready

May 28

Mondcoin Payment SDK Beta

November 28

Game Funding  Platform Beta

December 28

Marketplace Live Mondcoin Payment SDK Live

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What Other Mondcoin Investors Are Saying

Mondcoin is here to change the game literally in all the ways that matter, and we are ready for it. 

Natasha Popov

CEO, BigMachine Technologies

As a gamer myself, I’m really excited about all the ways Mondcoin is going to shake up the industry. I’m investing in MDC because I see a clear vision and an executable mission and I want to be a part of it.

Charles de Montfort

PRO, Granger Industries

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